[PS4] Destiny Rise of Iron Sunday night grind w/ Klown 9/25

Let’s equip our Zhalo’s and grind Siva heroic while arc burn is active. Join Klown as he tries to grind siva heroic strikes in an attempt to get into the 350’s. Klown will have a party open at 9pm est.

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Thanks to @unobtainaballs and @sneaky1shot for grinding with me. I am currently at LL351


Zhalo made those Heroic Strikes quite fun.
Full Arc load-out as a Striker Titan was quite enjoyable too.

Enjoy it for one more night before reset…

Around 349 I was getting 351-353 purple and blue drops, engrams are still useless unless they are purple or exotic

Easiest way to get them are archon forge LL 340 and Siva heroic strikes