(PS4) - Fortnite: Battle Royale (F2P) - Game Night (Thurs 4th Jan)



On Thursday 4th January at about 19:00 Eastern (for a few hours), I will be playing Fortnite: BR.

This is a free title again, so you still don’t need to hand over any beans.

Maximum squad size is 4, if we happen to get more than that we can split up (into multiple parties if necessary/preferred).
It does matchmake for the empty slots, which I’ve found to be hit/miss so far, though it doesn’t usually end up as a drawback.

Also, I am by no means good (as those who played me with the other night can attest), so you’ll have to bring your A-game to win any prizes!



I’m down for this,

Add PSN: Meep30


I will do my best to be there! No kids that night

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Count me in! Had lots of fun last time.

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Count me in!! Fortnight is fun!

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Sorry, but I’ll have to bow out tonight.

No worries man.

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Jk on this, got an appointment and won’t get home until later tonight.

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I’ll jump on the PS4 to play as well.

Any of the newer @PlayStationPlayers add me: JohnnyBigRed