Ps4 Newbie here. Sayin G'day to all

G’day all.
I’m Noomfy-Mop from Canberra Australia and I play me some games on the odd Occassion.
I’m mainly on destiny or BF4 with the stop over in planetside every now and again but am into most genres
Looking forward to having a game or 2 with some (if not all) of you in the near future.

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Welcome to GRG. Our ps4 side continues to grow. @AlphaMack and @Audible_Silence will be glad to get you better acquainted. Enjoy!

Welcome to the community! PSN is AlphaMack, feel free to add me if you’re on. If not, I’ll find you later. I’m assuming your PSN is Noomfy_Mop? Destiny w/ TTK has the attention of a majority of our PS4 base, so you’re in luck.

Welcome to the Clan!


Watch out for tuttle
Sota31on psn…

Welcome to the community, looking forward to gaming with you.

PSN: Audible__Silence

Really? thats not what your forum title says! Lol. Anyways welcome we have at least one other Australian and a couple EU guys. PSN:Daklown4life


Welcome mate! PSN DuvalFunk

Welcome. Aussies are always welcome! Add me on psn: cridkid

I play GTA 5 and BF4 on PS4. Feel free to add me. Just make sure to write GRG in the friend request please as I don’t accept random friend requests. My PSN is COOTERSAURUS_REX. Oh, and welcome.

Welcome to GRG. FR sent from PSN: JohnnyBigRed