[PS4] Overwatch Tuesday 6/7

Come out and join Klown on Overwatch 6/7 at 9pm est! Let’s get a team(or 2) together and kick some ass!

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/events/2016/06/ps4-overwatch-tuesday-67/

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I’ll be off work for my birthday tomorrow so I’ll be around at event start.

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Just saw this. Happy Birthday @geoelectric. Sorry I didn’t see it before last night we could have sang to you lolz

Great time last night! We actually had to start a second room Hallelujah!! thanks to all that came out @rigwit @Savvy @geoelectric @RebelxHeart @Karas @Troidin @Arken823 @CyanRiven @pat_nukem if I forgot anyone I am sorry I am old and haven’t had coffee yet


Sorry we didn’t see you @Gloryofthelost @Goonie_Goblin @AubreyPiaza @ALargeFarva @RTuTTle86 @jschlieff @NOLA_SAINTS_GUY hoe to see you guys on the next one on 6/14 :wink:

Wow, I dodged a bullet then :wink:

Honestly, knocking several reds in the well while playing Pharah was birthday present enough. I may be easily amused, but that made my night.