PS4 Players - Community Night 23/11

Hello all of you PS4 lot!

Just wanted to see if there was any interest in Destiny or Rocket League tomorrow evening for the GRG Community Night?

Apologies for not offering BF1, CoD or something else but I have failed to purchase these titles.

If you really want to play BF1 or something else I don’t have, but would enjoy some company, I will happily join a PSN party and provide moral support (hurl gentle abuse) whilst you die and I chase a large ball around in a car.

Let me know!
I’ll be on Discord tomorrow or you can reply here.


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@DaG_Avenged - You may be interested in this.

Yeah I’m down for this! I have both games. What time were you thinking?

Whenever is good for you American types.

I’ll be on early ish for your time, then run through until I get tired.
Say around 5pm-11pm EST?

I’ll be on for most if not all of that window anyway.

Also. I did not mean for the last comment on my original comment to be such large font - it was meant to be a hashtag…

Edit: maybe it actually works better as it is though

I am up for Rocket League.

Rough time window?
I can do 6pm-11pm EST ish.

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