[PS4] Raid Night - Scourge Of The Past - 1/18/19

Alright @PlayStationPlayers @destinyplayers it’s time to get our Raid on! Let’s kick some alien ass and get that loot! Sign up below and let us know you can make it!

We’ll party up around 8:45pm EST and head into the Raid at 9:00pm EST


Still dont have the dlc hopefully ill be able to get it soon as i have a lot of catchup to do

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I would like to join if there is slots open. Is there a level requirement? I’m at 586.

Recommended to be around 630/640 LL.

Youd be good to do a last wish raid and I’m not opposed to running that one as well.

That sounds good let me know if you all run that as well.

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I should be on to run the raid tomorrow night.

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