PS4 recruiting and holiday gaming plans 2017/2018

I will be off work all next week and I wanted to get an idea of all the @PlayStationPlayers plans for the holiday.

Please let me know if you plan on being around next week.

Also, I would like to attempt to recruit and grow the PS4 side of GRG. I know I’ve been busy lately, but I figured since I’m off work for 11 days, I’ll have some extra time to devote to this group of misfits.

I am currently playing Destiny 2, Battlefield 1, and Call of Duty: WW2.

Please let me know below if anyone wants to help with recruiting or wants to group up this week.

I’m all ears to ideas for growth (giggity)

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Well, I was thinking of forum posts for those 3 games, and any others you can think of. Not this forum, but the ones specific to those games…Dice, Sledgehammer, Bungie, etc.

Then you’re obviously doing it wrong…jeez…

Seriously though, any help you can give would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have Fortnite as well, just haven’t played it much.

I will eventually get Battlefront 2, just don’t know when because…Holidays…

I’ve never played ESO, nor Paladins, but I am always open to trying new things…just ask @Xxbrimarieloaded

I think we could divide and conquer if you will post on the forums/reddit threads for those games…I’ve already covered the 3 I mentioned above.

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I’m basically busy for the next week solid, but then I have some evenings free from Wed 27 Dec - Sun 7 Jan.

I really like this idea of a recruitment drive, chasing separate games - though just a warning that retention will be proven through commitment. So pick games you like / are happy to play.

I have a whole bunch and with my extra HDD they’re all installed. I’ll help out with anything I can.
I’ll also look to recruit for Rocket League, Warframe and Neverwinter.

EDIT: Looking into recruiting on their respective official forums / subreddits, will post here when I do

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Yeah I would ping the subreddit mods, or look in the sidebar.
Sometimes they have a specific day for recruiting, or a specific (mega)thread.
Sometimes it’s banned in the subreddit.

Let us know if you are having trouble finding an official channel for any of those games.


Add me to your friends list if you don’t have me PSN- Hellscare4ps. I have ESO, Paladins, fortnite, rocket league, warframe, and open to any free games. I would love to have someone to play along on the PS4 side in those games.


@Hellscare I noticed you’re also in the Battlefield Players Group, does that mean you play BF1 on PS4 as well? I am trying to find more people to play that. I will add you on PSN if I haven’t already.

Unfortunately no. I have it on Xbox. I do believe I have BF4 on PS4 if you want to play that. I had my ps account get hacked a year or two ago and couldn’t get playstation to remove the other console the hacker had added to it so I bought a Xbox 1s. I just bought a new PS4 so I only have a few games right now


I am getting a Pro for Christmas. Unfortunately Rocket League will probably be the only multiplayer game I have for a long while. Really just getting it for exclusives in 2018. I think it comes with COD WW2 but I will probably trade it in since I barely play it on Xbox as it is. That being said if you need any admin help on that side I can help.


Well that’s fucked.
I’m pretty sure I remember playing games with you way back, wondered where you had got to.
I saw you mention playing Xbox after that and just figured you had jumped ship.

Rocket League it is then.
I’m probably quite rusty now but I still enjoy it.

Thanks for the offer, hopefully won’t need to ask too much of you!

Yea I was pretty pissed and it turned me off of playstation for a while because of the terrible customer service. I missed playing, even though I lost all the friends on my friends list at the time too. I bought Horizon Zero Dawn with it and so far that is a great game with a great story. I’m down for some rocket league but I have very little experience so id probably be terrible too lol

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Yeah no doubt.
Horizon was a great game, at one point I just stopped the gameplay and basically ran to finish the plotline because I really wanted to find out what happened.

Yeah no worries, I just enjoy playing with someone I can talk to.
Frustrating playing with pubs who I can’t hear.

So I just found my first Tallneck and omg the map is huge. I still haven’t made it to visit the first main quest place outside of the embrace.

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I just got the Complete edition in today. I won’t have my ps4 until Monday. :neutral_face:

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Yea a friend of mine just got a pro a few weeks ago and he has the same tv as me. It looked so damn good. I knew it was a game I wanted to play.

When I saw that someone(my family) had bought a PS4 Pro using my rewards account at BestBuy I ordered the game right then so I would have it on Monday. They either think they are sneaky or just don’t give a shit about me knowing. Either way win win for me I get a cool Christmas gift and I get the points for their purchase.

Stay tuned to find out if the PS4 was actually for someone else. :rofl:


The cool thing about it is if you don’t want it to be overly hard there is a difficulty setting that is just story mode so basically you can play the game without having to worry too much about combat. I’m playing on the normal default setting and I’ve only died three times twice because I fell off a cliff because of bad timing or not judging the distance to jump


What’s a loooooonnnnggggneck?

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ill post on the Destiny app and see what we get… that’s how I got here lol