PS4 Servers being Merged

First, thank you so much for your support during Beta, our launch and beyond. We’re glad so many of you are enjoying PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation 4 and hope you’ll continue to provide your feedback.

We’ve spent a lot of time reading your thoughts on the Forums, Reddit, and Twitter. While there are healthy populations on all PS4 servers we’ve seen requests to merge some of the communities together. As a result we will be migrating the one US and one EU server into another and will provide the details of this next week.

This will require a little extra downtime but characters and all purchases will be transferred to the new server. We hope this will bring a more enjoyable experience for everyone on Auraxis.

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What are the server names that are being merged?


Hmm…I wonder which ones…

Smallest two in each region I bet.

Server Adjustments:

Players on Rashnu will now be playing on Lithcorp.

Players on Searhus will now be playing on Crux.

Players on Xelas will now be playing on Palos.

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They plan to merge Palos and Crux at some point.

again? well, it needs it.