PSA: Posting Links to Articles

Best Practices when posting links to another site.

  • Search before posting any links as it might have already been done or there is a simliar thread already disucssing the topic.
  • When posting links please write a biref description of what the link is about. 1-2 sentances is all you need. posting just the link will create a thread that cannot be searched.
  • Dont do the opposite and cut and past the entire article.
  • Always link back to the source
  • Some links will auto emebed a description or the entire article if the site is setup to do that.
  • Please pick from the list of tags for the article. (Helps with searching)

Search will not work if you simply just create a thread with a link in it. as there is nothing to search on.



No likey whole articles? Should a said something earlier lol

I just dont want people to think we are trying to plagiarize it for views as google and bing both crawl our forums.

Ah, well never had a problem before, usually says source on the bottom. I’ll cut em down

It was aimed at anyone in paticular. Just setting some general rules