PSX 2015 - Destiny Is Finally Getting Sparrow Racing

Certain people said it would never happen… But Everyone thought the same thing when playing the Beta… “Can’t wait to race this thing” Sounds like this is going to be an event thing like Iron Banner.

The folks behind Destiny just announced the Sparrow Racing League, which will be out this Tuesday, December 8. It’ll be free for all Taken King owners and last until December 29, according to an Activision press release.

This isn’t a huge surprise—sparrow racing has been one of Destiny’s most requested features for a while now—but it’s pretty neat nonetheless.

I don’t know how I personally feel about this. Cool a new feature but is it not really what I would want them focusing on.

But the question is can you go in with a Fireteam and race against your Fireteam. Cause if so might be fun for a little bit to race with you guys, don’t see it being fun for me with strangers.

Either way I’ll give it a shot.

After key farming for so long, I was hoping they would implement racing with Sparrows. like racing. I like Destiny. I’m in.

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Cuz you dont think its fun? you get 320 level loot.

I do find it interesting, there is race only gear that gives you race perks. Different types of sparrows. Bounties. If they do it right could be something fun to do once in awhile.

But I definetly don’t want grind anything to get 320 gear, you can only get a chance of 320 gear once you get to the highest rank… However long that takes. As long as I have fun I’ll do it, but I am done “grinding” Destiny. I haven’t even really cared about doing the new challenge mode crap in raids, don’t sound fun.

But like I told others if I wanted to race I would buy Forza, I would of rather them work on more FPS stuff for me to do. We’ll see tomorrow.

Unfortunately this is what Destiny has become thoough. They’ve transitioned from FPS-based gameplay, to more of an MMO type grindfest. You still get the FPS aspect, but obtaining gear is much harder. #forever319


well in a way it always was kind of kind of like that. Then they do something so one area of the game seem less grindy but in exchange something else became grindy. The thing is there was not a lot of content to completely notice it. Now that the expanded the content out more the grind is more in your face and put into more areas of the game.