psyborgB08 here, ready to do some damage on PS4 Planetside 2

I’m looking forward to running with an outfit after running solo since launch. I prefer team-play to lone-wolf and I’m hoping to find a couple different squads to play with as I enjoy playing multiple roles. The reddit post that directed me here claims you guys are active on Genudine and don’t have ridiculous clan rules.

PSN is psyborgB08.
Characters on Genudine are AdeptusAstartes and DeerLord. I’ll be waiting for my outfit invite? I don’t know how all that works, I just installed the update.

Yeah, seems like some bugs have been introduced.
Most notably the game crashing on people when they try to respawn…

One of the guys here will let us know once the clan is created in-game and ready (presumably).


Welcome dude. @audible_silence is your man

Welcome PSN:Daklown4life


Welcome to the community!

PSN: Audible__Silence

And no, no ridiculous clan rules.

Welcome to the nut house.

Also. Welcome.

Apologies, so wrapped in the post-release-disappointment-afterglow of PS2 Patch that I did not notice this was your Intro post.
My bad.

just cuz you dont like it doesnt mean you gotta shit on it all the time. You were shitting on rocket league too at one point.

Good playing with you last night.

Not sure what there is to be disappointed about. The game is what it says it is. I’m looking forward to playing with more of the group.

Welcome to the clan!