I plan to map some of the face buttons to the extra bumpers and paddles on my wolverine. Overall I like the setup though. The biggest issues is going to be with inventory and not being able to just drag shit out real fast.

@CaptainPeeJ is this anything like you ran on PC?

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Buhhh I’ll need the “Savage” button layout, aka whichever one has crouch as “click RS”

Similar for sure from what I remember. I haven’t used controller in PUBG in
some time though.

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I am sure is it customizable in game. If not you can use xbox’s software to customize them.

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OP updated with full controls

I just don’t get how to zoom. I got a few scopes (4x and 8x) and tried RB+LS up or down. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Double tap left trigger and hold it on the second pull. It’s basically just like PC where you double tap left mouse button.

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I’m so confused. Am I missing that in the pics above? They list RB+L. This game should of dumped the complete PC port and worked on a standard XBox third party control system.