Quick EoW clear tonight? (Xbox)

Anyone going to be online tonight? I’d like to get a clear of EoW at least for my titan. We got to the final phase of Stars, but didn’t get the completion and I would like to get the engram to level a little quicker. I’ll be on, just join me and we can knock it out quick.

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Count me in…when are you thinking?

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I will probably be online around 8 pm cst. If we have a dedicated group I think we could knock out a clear in about an hour tops.

I plan to be on (count me in)

I am going to attempt to finish the Spiral of Stars raid tonight early. That last phase is a bitch. Way more complex than EOW. If that doesn’t work out I will jump in with you guys if there is room.

I should be getting on around then too sounds good.

I’m in if there is room.

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I’m not sure what the point of a sign up thread if the people that sign up don’t get invites. I’m a little confused as I was the 5th person (and last) who signed up for a 6 man raid.