R.B.I. Baseball 18

The latest in the R.B.I. Baseball franchise was revealed through a typical cover star announcement, with Cleveland Indians’ Francisco Lindor taking the honours. This title will include a new Franchise Mode where players can take control of their favourite MLB team. There’s also a new Home Run Derby Mode where players can take on a friend or an AI opponent. Other improvements include better ballparks, redesigned player models, over 100 MLB legends and roster updates throughout the 2018 season. The title will land on Xbox One in March.

@anon42851937 and I were talking about this. He has hope while I am skeptical it will still suck.

I just hope it’s decent so I can have a portable baseball game to play on Switch.

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@anon3687162 and @anon42851937 I read this, and I am hopeful. I hate that the best one is on PS4…the boy never lets me play on his.