Raid parties?

The new raid drops Friday as I’m sure your all aware. Does anyone plan on attempting it Friday night? I’ll be on after 9pm est.

I wish. My LL will prevent that.

I’m not quite there yet. Looking forward to t though.

Isn’t the light level suggested 350?

its 360 in fact

Well damn

Would love to but not sure can get to LL at that time. Trying to level up more than one class Hunter at 335 and Titan at 271.

I was doing that as well, but decided yesterday to focus on getting Hunter (my main) raid ready and then I can start giving engrams/weapons to my alts

Its 360 recommended, but i think there is. 20 LL rule still so you can go in at 340. I am working Friday night so i probably wont be able to get on until this weekend

That makes sense as I know people got in KF raid a little under leveled. I’d feel comfortable at 350-355 I think, as long as everyone else is 360+.


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Yes working on LL for hunter now

Yeah going in underleveled def imposes a penalty but if you have a good team you can come out prob at level after 1 or 2 attempts

Especially when everyone is just trying to figure it out. LL is not really a big deal

10 under is doable. Like a heroic strike. Only on a more massive more deadly scale

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With GRG Knuckleheads? That’s wishful thinking.

I’m so far behind in LL I can’t imagine being ready for another week or two. Unless I can get a huge jump quickly somehow. Sitting at 324ish now.

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Just get a taste… just the tip baby… just the tip. I’m at 344. Probably going to grind crucible for marks for the new vanguard gear (also close to ranking up in crucible) all that is gonna get you to 350. Granted I’m not gonna be there till this weekend but I’ll still check it out.

I probably won’t be ready by then. My Warlock is at 347 and Titan 345. I’m not to worried about it. The raid ain’t going anywhere. I’d rather be raid ready than have to be carried! :grin:

Okay okay… I’m a little anxious having missed out on all the raids. Maybe some heroic strikes. Or… possibly the story on hard to fill in that page of the book :joy:

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I want to learn to run this raid. I have no problem running it for a couple of hours tonight under powered to get a feel for it. The how to videos should be out by tonight since the raid was supposed to release at 1:00 eastern.

I am willing to try if anyone going to attempt

the raid is sick