Rainbow 6 Siege open beta delayed

According to Games Radar, the Rainbow 6 Siege open beta has been delayed due to matchmaking issues and disconnection.

So, it’s less than a week until release, so does it get bumped?

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Hahahahah such fail. Good bye RB6.


After what Dig posted about Dying Light I was thinking of using my RB6 money to buy Dying Light + Expansion Pass

I don’t plan on getting this but, I would rather see a game that works out of the box than one that doesn’t. Too much of that crap going on in the past.

thats crazy… cant push it back any more cuz then it buts against division… even tho they are completely different games, they are still Tom Clancy properties.

Not in my mind

Well I thought it could be fun and different. But with CoD already having group issues, another game having issues there… When it’s an online only game just is not appealing. So I’ll save $60 next week.

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Reviews are coming out. 4 so far on Metacritic giving it a 76 score though some of the bigger review sites are not included yet.