Rainbow SIx Siege Dev DIary

Ubisoft Montreal has published a brand new developer diary for their upcoming ultra-realistic tactical third-person-shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Community Developer Geneviéve Forget asks Gameplay Programmer Adam Crawley about the intricacies of gun recoil, including a community submission as to whether gun bullets are generated from the center of the screen, or from the tip of the player’s weapon:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is expected to arrive sometime in 2015 for Xbox One. We’ll be posting more developer diaries when they are published, but be sure to also read up on the game’s cover system and the player’s tools of the trade.

I remember drooling over just the lighting aspects a year ago for this.

I played the fuck out of Rainbow Six Vegas 1. It’s how I got into 2old2shoot. We’d run a nightly private room of 16 (one guy had a spare XBox that would host). Retrieval was probably one of the best game modes I’ve ever played.

I really want this to be awesome as well.

@anon36214017, Us drink??? Never. Right @Rau?

Don’t forget the scuba gear picture.

I as well want this game to be kick ass.

i like the advanced series, but ill take a R6 also. basically anything where actual tacitcal thought it needed. people have roles. supressive fire is a thing…

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Anyone remember Rogue Spear? That game was awesome for its time. I hope this is on that same level, not so much some recent Tom Clancy games.

Can’t wait for this. My most anticipated game

Oooh, Dixon does not want. Now it’s a must buy.

[quote=“dixontufar, post:16, topic:435, full:true”]
Oh. Landdon likes it? It must be fucking terrible. Do not want.
[/quote] Probably not to far from the truth. lol

I hope they live up to the rainbow six Vegas multiplayer games. I spent many hours playing that game.