Rainbow Six Siege Mute Disruptor Not Blocking Thermite Charges

I’ve checked the subReddit and the known issues list and haven’t seen this yet. Myself and my squad mate came across this on the weekend multiple times. We place the disruptor’s as we normally do and watch our sector knowing that the wall cannot be breached. The next thing we know the wall behind us is being torn through with a Thermite charge and the disruptor is sitting right where it should be. This happened on both multiplayer and terrorist hunt and it happened numerous times. I have not been able to record this yet because I always end up in an unexpected intense firefight and forget to do so. The maps it’s occurred on are Kafe, Consulate and Yacht. This happens in multiplayer even when there is no Thatcher or Twitch on the other team, and terrorist hunt on the first wave before they’ve had a chance to shoot at the disruptor’s.
I’ll try to recreate this in a custom game tonight after work and record it if I’m successful. I’m curious if anyone else has come across this before I do so.

Edit: For Xbox One