Rally Ornament Farming in the Nightfall (still a thing for now)

So @ezekielJP figured out for sure last night that we can still unlock ornaments, for now. (not sure about next week)
While we were cleaning up milestones last night he had an ornament pop for his rally faction.
So those of us interested in unlocking the faction armor ornaments (and need to complete the nightfall in all faction gear for the helmet) can still do so, as of last night.
I propose all @DestinyPlayers interested in doing this leave @valiantvictory a private message cause he’s the one who organizes this crap. (not really… seriously just reply here)

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I think replying here would be better, than everyone can get an idea for how many are playing.

Guys, it was a bad joke to suggest people needed bother @valiantvictory . Just to be annoying. Hence the (not really) in parenthesis…

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It was probably the author.

Ah…I misread the part in parenthesis as don’t reply here.


This thread is currently a great representation of how my whole morning is going.

I’ve been playing quite a bit with @ixL0N3W0LFxi of late and I get his humor, I know he meant it as a jab/funny. I can see how others could interpret differently. That said it is good news that we have the “better” version of the nightfall to get the ornaments as I could not get them last week during the faction rally due to the GD Timer.

The night fall is definitely more attainable now…and count me in for the ornament hunt whenever it happens.