Rambo TV Show coming to Fox?? Update - No Stallone

While i really like the last Rambo cuz it was all balls to the wall with action… I dunno how it would work on NETWORK TV!!!.. on second thought… Fox might also mean the FX or FXX channel… still… i dunno…

Also, i had an excuse to use this…

Rambo: New Blood, a new television series based on Sylvester Stallone’s iconic film franchise, is headed to Fox.

According to Deadline, the network closed a deal to develop the project “after lengthy negotiations.” Stallone is on board to executive produce, but whether or not he will be starring in the show as well remains unconfirmed, as the outlet has heard conflicting reports on the matter.

New Blood will center around Rambo and his son, an ex-Navy SEAL named J.R. and explore their “complex relationship.” As such, the Vietnam War vet is expected to have a prominent role, opening the door for Stallone’s return. The series is being penned by Die Hard writer Jeb Stuart and will be produced by eOne in partnership with Millennium Films.

Rambo: New Blood isn’t the only Stallone-produced project headed to Fox, as it was announced earlier this year that a TV series based on The Expendables is being developed as well.

not sure how this would work for Network TV. Going to have to tone it down some i think. Kinda hurting what the RAMBO franchise was all about.

some are saying its similar to how the limitless series uses bradley cooper here and there in the show… but like you pointed out… limitless isnt nearly as violent and raw as Rambo.

It could be interesting…I dont think Stallone should be in it…at least not as a permanent character. Might end up being like a souped up Macgyver.

Fox’s new Rambo spinoff series, Rambo: New Blood, will not feature franchise-star Sylvester Stallone either on screen or off.

While it was previously rumoured that Stallone would executive produce the series and perhaps even guest star, his representatives have told Deadline that he is not involved with the show at all but that he "wish the others well with the project.”