Realm Royale (PC) ---New game from Hi Rez Studios

Played a few games of this so far and really like the concept…still in Alpha but has a good mix of MMO/BR with different classes and abilities. If anyone is down for some games hit me up on Steam



So it’s a separate game from Paladins? Are the champions the same or do they have all different skills?

Tempted to see how this is.

It looks more medieval than Paladins, but I’ve only seen about 10 minutes on a stream.

you are right, its more medieval than Paladins and right now doesnt have the “Champions” however you have a few classes to choose from with their own set of skills such as Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Hunter. You loot chests that has armor, weapons, and potions and what you dont need you can disenchant for shards to use at the Forge. Forging items takes a little bit of time and all forges are marked on the map so if you are there you must guard your stuff and wait til your items are created which gets a lot more hectic when the Fog closes in. As they polish the game more it should def be a good one. Hardest thing for me to learn so far is there is no bullet drop!!

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nice. downloading now. will give this a try

Game is pretty fun. Graphics wise is like fortnite. Drop is fast. No parachute. Game plays smooth. Have to remember to use skills and potions when fighting. That’s new.


Watching on mixer lots of people playing looks like fun

I already enjoy it more than Fornite. I’m a PUBG guy and like the realism style and could never get into Fortnite. Even though Realm Royale has the cartoony look it has been fun for me. No building stuff which I much prefer.

Granted I’ve only played 5-6 matches so far.