ReaperCast 47 - GRG's Holiday Wishlist

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GRG Events

  • Monday - Titanfall 2 Night
  • Tuesday Destiny Iron banner All Week Long
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 / TF2 /Destiny
  • Thursday Gears of War night
  • Friday BF1 / Titanfall
  • Shark Monthly Movie Night

Gaming News

  • Ghost Recon Beta Sign ups start 12/6
  • Battlefront comes to Ea Access vault on 12/13.
  • Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif DLC released for Ultimate edition on 12/6. Available for all on 12/20
  • Major Rocket League Update

Main Topic - GRG Holiday Buying Guide


  • XBox One S vs PS4 Pro - pros and cons


  • Controller
  • XB1 Elite vs XB1 Standard or customized?
  • Headsets
  • VR
  • PSVR
  • Rift/Vive (PC options)
  • Phone based (Daydream, Samsung Gear)?
  • TVs
  • Is it time to make the jump to 4K, or is 2017 the year with Scorpio coming?


  • What are the top games to put under the tree?

Ultimate Gaming Wish List. Pick any gaming item you would want Santa to bring (money is no object).

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Good Episode, especially liked the Headphone Whore’s corner and recommendations