ReaperCast 55 - How are game communities evolving?

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Gaming News

  • Xbox One Scorpio Specs
  • XBox Game Sale
  • Thor Ragnarak Trailer
  • Elder Scrolls Online Free to Play
  • Black Ops 2 Backward Compatible
  • Battlefield 1 Free map for Premium Members coming in June
  • Overwatch PvE Event – Uprising April 11- May 1st

Main Topic – How are game communities evolving with new ways to communicate?

  • Website/Forums
  • Social Media – Facebook/
  • Chat – Discord/Curse/Slack
  • Streaming based communities – Twitch/Beam
  • Console clubs
  • Was instant communication like texting the beginning of the change

Community Info

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We’re also looking for feedback on tonight’s topic and the ReaperCast in general.

Do you agree with our topics and views on gaming news? Let us know!

I’ll listen to it tomorrow at work…then maybe give you my 2 cents.


Reapercast was good…sounded like Johnny had the mic in his mouth starting out…Jammer, you need to be gentle with him.

I think the switch is a glorified 3DS replacement more so then a replacement for the Wii U. Definitely wont be getting one. No reason to. Zelda was the biggest thing to launch for it…and it already plays better on the Wii U.

On the infamous forums/chat topic…is it possible to have a chat channel (breathe lala…breathe) that was for the purpose of forum replies? As in…when someone posts replies to a topic…it would populate the thread in that channel similar to how ‘new’ forum post hit the general channel?

Probably my fault trying to normalize the audio. I need to stop dicking around with that shit. I don’t really know what I’m doing (as it shows sometimes).

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Good cast. I think the section about if Communities are dying off for more LFG type experiences was interesting. I’m on the side that feels there will always be a place for communities. Sure there are gonna be people that just wanna go LFG and play but being able to have a solid group that you click with and game with and whatnot is a bit more rewarding. I’m sure there are people who go the LFG route that end up finding a group of people that they like to play with and continue to play with after the fact but it seems like the experience, for the most part, is fleeting. I’ll stop my rabble now. Good cast all around fellas!


Bump to add the YouTube video.


Those are wise words, Robb

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