ReaperCast 62 - Paladins SuperBadJuJu Interview

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Member Spotlight

  • YVOVD AKA Jeff the Canadian

Lala Rant 

  • Players need to play their damn roles!

Gaming News

  • Ark bumped up to $60
  • Fire Pro Wrestling Early Access
  • Destiny 2 Beta

Main Topic – Paladins Interview

  • GRG interviews Matt Marshal @superbadjuju the Paladins Console Community Specialist for Hi-Rez

Community Info

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Great show. Thanks to @YVOVD / AKA Jeff the Canadian for joining us. It was nice to get a new Member Spotlight. Also, thanks to @anon36214017 for hooking us up with SuperBadJuju! Finally, thanks to SuperBadJuju for coming on and bullshitting with us!


Good Show. Cut is pretty hard, plus Johnny comes in saying we are back. when he was just talking.

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That’s what I get for letting amateurs edit the podcast for me…

Really good episode. Great interview with Juju. I listened to the cast and still have no idea how to call out Yvod during a game.




His name is…

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Just listened, good interview. Reapercast starting to get big time. $20 too much for Paladen, wait for price drop.

The game is free and we were trying to give away Founders packs but no on seemed interested. If they still have them a good handy to Lala, JH, or Sjam might get you one.


I may have 1 founders pack left. Hit me up if interested.