ReaperCast 69 - How do you like your Sci-Fi?

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like blabbing on about.   This week’s main topic we discuss the the current gaming news and how we like our Sci-Fi.

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Lala Rant

  • Destiny 2’s Raid

Gaming News

  • Destiny news
    • Destiny Seasons
    • Token system will change for Iron Banner in season 2
    • Destiny PC release 10/24
  • Original Xbox Games Available
  • GTA 5: Rockstar didn’t feel single-player expansions “were either possible or necessary,” despite promising them at one point.
  • Dude Spends 15K on Mass Effect Microtransactions
  • Battlefront SP Campaign About 5 – 7 Hours
  • Walking Dead Episode 100

Main Topic – How do we like our Sci Fi?

  • Optimistic vs Dark or dystopian?
  • Realistic (achievable in near future) vs more speculative?
  • Looks at other civilizations or futuristic looks at ours?

Community Info

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With lots of f-bombs


Destiny Raid:

I feel the same way. there is almost no room for error at any point of the raid and with the size of our group and wanting everyone to be able to ge the chance to try it makes it almost impossible to complete.

Sci Fi:

I would like to see more optimitic ones. Seems like dystopian has been going around a lot lately.

I love how Jammer never explains the line near the beginning about why he isn’t going to rip on JH for being late to the 'cast.

“I got problems tonight cos I wanna bitch at you for us starting late, but I really can’t, for reasons that will be disclosed in a few minutes, with one of our guests…”

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bump for the YT video

Good podcast, first time I listened since @Lala_Calamari link-trapped me on another post…

One thought I had regarding Destiny 2 that I haven’t really heard anyone talk much about…

It seems that we’re forgetting that most complaints have to do with the “end-game”. As far as I know, everyone loved the story. I know I did.

Perhaps the reason we’re seeing weird design decisions in the End-Game is because most of the focus was on creating a great story.

I am confident that things will improve with the end-game with each expansion. While that may not be what everyone expected with Destiny, I am perfectly fine with it since I can take my focus away from Destiny and play other games while I wait for new content.


Not for me personally I had zero interest in the story as well. On an earlier cast with our Destiny review, the rinse and repeat of Destiny is what fuels my hatred. Story wise there were zero surprises. Go through mission, think it’s over but of course it’s not we aren’t at the no respawn area.


Haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet but, I think D2 kinda stumbled.

Granted, Y1 Destiny wasn’t anything to write home about but, it atleast had a fun raid to go through. I actually kind of enjoyed Kings Fall (damn ship jumping aside). I think they did a decent job with the story but, what stumbled them was a few different things.

Strikes aren’t really worth running beyond trying to get tokens for a chance at a weapon.

IB is what I’d imagine would tick a lot of people off, myself included. IB was perfect the way it was before and it seems like they did listen but, I’m remaining cautious about that all.

Destiny 1 did improve with pretty much every expac but, Bungie needs to tread carefully.

Also, I like my sci-fi with a mix of Dark and a chance for a better one.



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