ReaperCast 83 - Are Video Games Too Long?

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Lala Rant

  • Updates that cause game breaking bugs and the support developers give.

Gaming News

  • Detroit Become Human Demo Thoughts
  • Conan Exiles out of early access
  • Fortnite
    • McGregor / Mcmahon Boneless walk – dance
    • Thanos coming to Fortnite: BR
    • School blames Fortnite for students being tired
  • Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion
    • Escalation Protocol
    • Exotic Masterworks and exotic changes
    • Valor and Glory (crucible rankings) and private matches
    • New Raid Lair (and Argos EOW Prestige).
    • Vendor Progression
    • Heroic Strike modifiers and Nightfall challenge cards
    • Vault Space and Multi emote
    • Warmind and Beyond Concerns

Main Topic – Are Games Too Long?

  • Is it making harder to complete a game?
  • Has it fueled the jumping from game to game?
  • Game seems like it will take forever to finish and a new good game then releases.
  • What is the just right amount length of game?

Community Info


So mad at my PC. I reseated my webcam and that mic took over default and that’s why my voice is off. Who puts a mic in a webcam?

Literally everyone

Who doesn’t check their shit before going live?

Scrubs don’t.

Lala. Doesn’t! Obviously!

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Lala has the Grex Syndrome

So we have learned that nobody cares about the length of games. In the future we should just have some type of fuck up that angers Lala as that is when we receive our largest amount of feedback.


It was a great topic but as we discussed, it depends on many things…so games need to be long…Mp shorter and reapercasts with mic issues should run super long b/c we gets lots of feedback (see what I did there)