Reapercast Drinking Game

Ok…here’s an idea we had on chat: a Reapercast Drinking Game.

It’s self explanatory - a drinking game for the hosts and guests (and viewers) during the Reapercast. Put your ideas here.

My first contribution: When @Disneynut68 tells the guest “You’re doing fine” during the member spotlight - drink a full beer!


Every time Disney says “So” you have to drink.

A shot for every ‘technical difficulty’ encountered.

The whole show is based off of “technical difficulties”.

We’ll have our first ever death on the show.

Yea there is one segment last night he said it at least 3 times in 30 seconds.

I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad idea…just weighing all repercussions.

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You drink a shot everytime @anon42851937 or @Disneynut68 give an opinion on games they’ll never play.


Now what game did I give an opinion on that I haven’t played?

Take a shot anytime Disney is staring down at his sheet rather than the camera which is the entire show.

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everytime somebody says “ummmm” or “uhhhh” or there is an awkward pause… take a drink.

do a shot every time tuttle or jammer comments on the show in chat and drink a beer every time La La fires someone on the show

Everytime dis says moving on or let’s transition. Drink

A shot every time Johnny’s cat shows up in the back ground .

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