ReaperCast Episode 22 Special Guest: Beers and Leafs

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  • New game releases/gaming news
    • Recap of GRG’s top games of 2015
    • RB6 Siege’s 1st DLC, Operation Black Ice coming out in February
    • Kojima to be inducted into DICE Awards HOF in February/New exclusive partnership with Sony
  • Community events
  • Friday Night 1/8
    • RB6 Siege with Disney (XB1)
    • Let’s L2Tanks with Klown (PS4)
  • Monday Night 1/11
    • Monday Night Halo with Sexy Grexy (XB1)
  • Tuesday Night 1/12
    • Tuesday Night Battlefront with Tex (XB1)
    • L2ARK with Digital (XB1)
  • Friday Night 1/15
    • RB6 Siege with JH (PS4)

If anyone else is interested in hosting an event please post up in the forums

  • Upcoming clan events
    • Black Ops 3 One Night Only Tournament - 1/27 Signups are now closed but we are taking subs in case people don’t show. See the forums for the thread to sign up.
  • Member spotlight- Beers & Leafs
  • Thread 3 threads-
    • Activision rumored to have purchased MLG
    • ARK XB1 on 115
    • Community Night Focus
  • Videos of the week? We will have to check w/Dig
  • Potato of the month -
  • Clan Hype
    • Welcome all the new members in the Clan. This week we got many people on both platforms, and recruiting is bringing more in.
    • Call for EDITED videos
    • Next show on January 21st w/member spotlight Cridlander!
    • Facebook Page (also in the forums as well)

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