ReaperCast is available on iTunes & Google Play Podcasts

A few GRG members requested that we upload the ReaperCast to iTunes. Well, I have some good news! iTunes just accepted our podcast! We are now featured on the iTunes Store under podcasts. I also submitted the ReaperCast to the upcoming Google Play Podcast section and we got accepted there as well. Now you can easily subscribe to the audio version of the ReaperCast.


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As you all may of noticed, I spent the last few days converting the video ReaperCasts to audio. Then uploading to a Podcast host site and finally setting up a podcast section on the site. You can easily view the youtube videos or listen to the MP3 version. Now you can also subscribe via iTunes and soon to be Google Play Podcasts.

This is awesome. Good job!

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Nice work.

Moving up in the world. Good job

Yes, now I can listen at work.

This is great, I subscribed on iTunes. Once I get home start downloading episodes and maybe put up a review which is something I recommend we all do to help support the podcast, the community and make it look good.

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thats fantastic!!

been listening at work makes my nights better now. I can catch up on all the corn and Canada jokes

Great work guys

crying out to the all powerful overlords. need me some more reaper crack oops I mean reapercast done ran through my whole stash. :scream:


One of our Ones of fans!

New episode is scheduled this week.

“Feed me Seymour”


yeah but I can go through two or three shows in a night, and we stopped at episode 9. makes my night go by third shift is so lonely. and damn it dis i’m at work when you air so all I get is left overs. the public wants more reapercrack oh shit i mean reapercast that keeps coming out

I totally got this reference

Fixed the issue with iTunes only showing 10 episodes. Not sure how long it takes until iTunes updates our RSS feed. I have it set to 50 (we only have 18 at the moment).


Thanks La La now I can get my fix. my hats off to the whole reapercast team. you guy do a great job at keeping everyone up to date with what’s up in the community. enjoy the member spotlight and all the sideways jokes. I’ve found myself more then once busting out laughing at work. looking forward to future episodes.:+1:


Are you drunk, high or listening to the wrong podcast?

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probably all three but compared to the other podcast I listen to you guys are right up there. more and more podcast are going to the round table type discussion format. most of the podcast I listen like star wars in character, real players gamers, pass the popcorn are all like that. so GRG fits in right with them

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