Reapers ....Assemble

So how many of ya have bought this and what platform?

  • PS4
  • XBox
  • PC

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@PCGamers @XBoxGamers @PlayStationPlayers

Pc for me. GrumpyInUT

still waiting to see if this is anthem 2.0


I’m waiting for them to fix all the achievements first.

didnt know there was an issue there…but i havent looked at the news for it either.

So far there are a few bugs…one that i experience is if i switch characters a few times in a row…it will freeze up.

Outside of that…i really havent had any other issues. Been playing mostly as IronMan so far since a few of the ppl i play it with are on other toons. @Savage816 and his wife play as Capt America and Hulk.

oh and… XBox here.
GT: GhstWLkrs