Recommend Some Weapons

So other than raid weapons what are the hot weapons to have? Recommend me some guns for both PvE and PVP (want to get ready for the upcoming Iron Banner).

I’m really looking for a decent Sniper and any primary.

Currently I have a SUROS Regime as my main primary. It’s Y2 and infused to 294. I’m not in love with it as it chews through ammo and I’d rather a scout rifle for PvE (or even PvP). I did buy a Hung Jury but haven’t had the chance to get it past 290 yet. Once I do, it’ll probably be my main Primary gun unless there’s another scout rifle I should be focusing on.

Should I look at Pulse Rifles at all? They seem pretty powerful in the Crucible.

I really think I need a better sniper rifle. I currently have the Tao Hua Yuan and I’m just not happy with it at all. It just doesn’t have the impact it needs (even at the 299 light I have it at) . I’ve been eyeing up the 1000 Yard Stare. Any other sniper rifles I should look at?

I’m really enjoying the suros regime so far, even with it chewing up ammo. I prefer it over a scout in the crucible personally.

The scout I use is Treads Upon Stars. I use it mainly for PvE, and is my favorite rifle I’ve used thus far.

I’d have to buy a Y2 one as I haven’t had a drop yet. The other issue with infusing Exotics is the lack of exotic shards. I’m not really overflowing with those and rarely get an exotic drop.

PVP seems to be all about shottys still. Primary: Suros is good if you have trouble getting head shots. Hawkmoon does well, the raid pulse rifle is decent.

PVE: Just got the touch of malice yesterday, and it’s a beast. 1000 yard stare for a legendary, black spindle for an exotic for most raid bosses. Ruin Wake seems to do well for a machine gun for Oryx. Regular swords are great, the exotic sword shreds things very quickly: Oryx knight.

4th horseman destroys single targets in the Court of Oryx.

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Can you buy exotic shards from any of the venders? I know Xur used to sell them but I don’t know if he still does.

I stopped using my Suros a long time ago because of it burning through ammo.

Hung Jury is a pretty good scout. I have firefly on mine but not sure if its on all of them.

Firefly and Triple Tap. I just need to work on infusing mine to get it a bit higher.

Future war cult has the best you can buy PvP rocket launcher, and has a great hand cannon (The vanity, more useful in PvE due to perks though).

Dead Orbit has the best shotty (due to perks) and scout rifle ( you have it I believe, more suited to PvE due to perks though but the stats speak for themselves)

New Monarcy and Crucible quartermaster have the best HMG ( high impact, low rate of fire )

x3 on the 1000 yard stare. That thing is also a necessity for the raid for DPS on bosses all the way up through Oryx.

Perks need to focus on high impact and most importantly, stability over anything else.

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Pulse rifles are amazing and IMO are the new (if there is one) best all around class. Scouts are proving themselves more and more worthy with the exotics though.

Good primary exotics, which I’d suggest using over any other slot (special or heavy) due to how much you’ll be using it in the crucible would be

red death
bad juju
boolean gemini

… still working on a few other weps. This upcomming Iron banner will def be the most interesting one. We’ll finally see a mass amount of PvP and it’s gonna be interesting whos using what.

worst advice ever

Truer words never spoken

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If you’re a Warlock, Tlaloc Scout Rifle. Once that Overflow kicks in… Absolute beast. If your not a Warlock, meh. I love Bad Juju. It gets you your super in the blink of an eye and its easy to do tons of damage. I only have year one though. Not sure if I wanna spend the marks to get a year 2.

Only way to get exotic shards is by dismantling exotics.

I like running a scout rifle for Crucible, the current one I am using is “not like the others” that has explosion rounds but after unlocking “Red Death” (Version2) That will be my gun of choice. Hung Jury is good if you have fire fly. Find a good shotgun-

Hung Jury is pretty solid but it seems like a PvE rifle only. Fire Rate is a bit too slow. It’s currently what I’m using in PvE on my Huntard.

I’d agree it fires too slow for PVP.

Red Death or Suros for me.

Right now I have neither.

Not sure which exotic weapon to buy first. I’m leaning towards something useful for PVP.

I’ve seen a lot more Red Death than Suros Regime in the Crucible.

I’m thinking about infusing the strangers rifle up to 290 or so and giving that a try in the crucible.

can you do that? I never brought it up to Y1 level so not sure

I dismantled that crap as soon as I got it. Now I’m thinking about beating the original game with my hunter to get it just to stick it in the vault.

I’m pretty sure I still have some year 1 stranger rifles. I’ll have to look later.

Now if I can upgrade my old Queen’s Supremacy. …

I don’t think you can infuse the year 1 gear.