Recruitment for PS4

I am trying to recruit more guardians… I just need a good link to give them to sign up I can’t figure out which link to copy n paste I’ve tried the one from the main page and either the aren’t going to it properly or the link doesn’t work… HELP PLEASE
“ Threw my grind I’ve meet quite a few people who are clan less and they seem pretty cool!!!

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This one should work for signing up:

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@StreetRacer you can take this and tweak it a bit and throw it in on the Destiny forums via the app as well. I have one I was using and would put a post in on the app pretty frequently when I was on the Destiny grind. If you do put up a post let us know so we can comment and hype it up.


I put a post on the companion app!!

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Put a link here to any recruitment thread you create, so we can upvote/comment/like/etc.

EDIT: Found it.

@destinyplayers @PlayStationPlayers help us out a bit and get some hype going!

noooooooooooooooooooooooo… you are not allowed Zane… Dungeons… dungeons only for you…

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Updooted and commented.

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It seems that I am the only one who plays. occasionally I see other psn players on, ill send an invite and no one acknowledges…

The 2nd Destiny clan had a ton of PS4 guys in it. I’m not sure what happened to them. We do have a lot of PS4 players but no one wants to get organized. I toss up LFG posts, we have our Wednesday night Community night, we have our weekly newsletter and we tag everyone in the various groups ( @PlayStationPlayers @destinyplayers). Honestly, I’m not sure what else I can do.

I think it’s really an issue with gamers in general. I’m seeing this with the PC crew as well. GRG has over 900 registered members. We are trying to build out a gaming community. People have to help out and get involved. There is only so much GRG staff can do.

Honestly, the whole lack of participation across the board has me pretty upset. I put in a lot of time, effort and money (40 bucks per month out of my pocket for GRG) and I’m just not sure if it’s worthwhile.

Yeah, I’m pretty frustrated.

If/when you see me on, send an invite or msg or party invite.
I’ll always respond, even if it’s a msg to say I can’t at that moment.

I haven’t been playing much lately (bought our first house), so I can’t tell you who’s been active recently but I’ll keep an eye out from now.

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The way I see it, it’s (currently) an issue of critical mass.

I think we had it at one point, though the Xbox side has always been bigger.
Then, for whatever reason, we lost it when a number of people left/drifted/whatever.

Since then, although we get new people joining occasionally they tend to drift.
I think mostly because they don’t see enough/any activity on the PS4 side.

We had a decent spot a couple of months ago where I thought we were actually building toward critical mass and could keep going, but it ultimately never caught.

I should be about more often now, so I’ll start pushing recruitment again.
It works best for games being actively played though, so I need to know what games people are playing / want to play.

The best way GRG can help is to communicate what they’re playing, send FRs to new members and send game/party invites when you’re online.

I’m open to any ideas or suggestions.


I’ve been gaming on conan exiles fun “little” survival game but other than that usually the basic fps still like to get a good squad on grw but I see where your coming from I’m not as active as i used to be but I’ve had a busy schedule or i just forget but maybe we should set up a night where we go recruiting or try recruiting on a game bought also a page wi5h an updated roster would probably help with the fried requests because I’m not to sure who all is on ps4

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I don’t think the PS4 side is that tiny. The issue is that no one chimes in and definitely not on a consistent basis. Part of being in a community is participation and its just not where it needs to be which then gives the impression that it is tiny or not active. That is directly to Lala’s point that posts are going up, emails are going out and we see the same folks chiming in and not very much by way of the PS4 side except from the same few.

When someone throws an LFG post up and no one responds to them that is disheartening. Or playing something like Destiny 2 and you can’t get a raid going so you are the odd man/woman out that has to LFG a raid party with randoms, that sucks. Been there, done that.

I do think because of this, yes folks will tend to drift to the Xbox as there does seem to be a lot more activity over there (I’m guilty of this with ESO) or if all they have is a PS4 they may just disappear all together.

We can do more recruiting for sure and create events and all that but in the end if no one participates in the forums or in the events besides the same few then not sure what else to do.

We need that participation both in game and here in the forums.

I am also open to any ideas or suggestions. We know you’re out there so let us know what’s going on.


I’m up for some GRW, I really enjoyed the PvP mode.

I will look into an updated roster and post it but anyone who replies to this thread is clearly active.

Anyone who wants to add me to their list, send a FR to my tag: JohnnyBigRed

(and for God’s sake Sony, give us an option to change our tags, will ya?)

Sounds good. We can get you added to the @destinyplayers group on here and get you added to the D2 clan. @PlayStationPlayers get those FRs sent out and get @oddball187 added

This reminds me of the Family Guy episode with the radio show that Brian & Stewie hosted.

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Even if you change it, you’ll always be Johnny Big Red to us.

You got a way to grind in D2.

Think you already added me yesterday but I’ll double check.