Red Dead 3 Map Leaked online

First posted on NeoGAF, but later taken down, the map is real and a “very recent” art direction model, an independent source confirmed to Techradar.

The source also told Techradar that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a prequel and the map will be set just to the east.

Looking at the map more closely in the bottom left corner, you’ll notice the Great Plains area and Blackwater city, which were featured heavily in Red Dead Redemption.

Another interesting note is the city of New Bordeaux, seen in the bottom right. The city is the backdrop to the upcoming Mafia 3, which is published by Red Dead publisher Take-Two. Could we see some sort of crossover?

What’s also interesting is the prevalence of water and islands on the map, suggesting swimming and boating as new ways of transportation. It also looks like players will traverse a plethora of different terrains, including plains, deserts, swamps, and snowy mountains


I couldn’t really get into the first one for some reason.
I think it was mostly the prospect of riding my horse oh so very slowly between towns that did it.
I know trains came later but it just seemed like huge expanses of desert looked great but were tedious to traverse by horse…

Immediate preorder for me.

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As soon as it’s announced, preorder. I spent more time in Red Dead than I will ever admit.

Yep spent a ton of time in this. Will be a definite buy for me