Redbull and Destiny

Does any one need a code for TTK? Anyone who doesn’t have one and needs one?

What are the codes for?

they open up a quest that isn’t available till Jan and they give you 30 minutes of bonus XP

I need a code!!!

click here


let me know you’ve redeemed it.

Where else can you get these codes?

I want a code.


Mac let me know when you redeem it please

Yeah I got you tonight just let me know when you redeem it.

It worked, Jackal, thanks!

Do you have any more? I would love one.

@beers_and_leafs1 NK3P3NW4

@Vraeden P7HLRTP3

i just double checked it. its whats on the tab @beers_and_leafs1

Error message when redeeming it. There is a “Contact Us” option that uses a picture of the code for redemption.

Many of the red bull codes have already been used even if you have the real tab. The code generator was discovered and posted online.

Thanks for trying. The cans are available at 7-11 near me. I’ll grab one tonight and take a picture of the code if it doesn’t work.

of course people cant be honest about stuff. smh

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Everyone wants what others have but aren’t willing to get it for themselves


Jackal, could I have one?

I bought a can and successfully redeemed the code.

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Mine worked too.

If anyone has an extra, hit me up