References to Open Beta, Pre-Order Bonuses for Black Ops Cold War found

Data miners have found references to an upcoming Open Beta, alongside some of the pre-order bonuses for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The information was sent to CODTracker.

According to the information found, it looks like there will be an Open Beta for Black Ops Cold War. The information states that players who pre-purchase Black Ops Cold War can get early access to the Open Beta, similar to Modern Warfare.

No dates or details on the Open Beta itself were found in the backend at this time. Modern Warfare’s Open Beta took place in September, but with a late reveal for this year’s game, the Beta may be at a different date. As always, this information is not officially announced and is subject to change.

In addition, bonus content for the game was discovered.

Bonus content found includes a ‘Confrontation Weapons Pack’ and ‘Woods Operator Bundle in Modern Warfare and Warzone’ being included with Black Ops Cold War.

Woods was found in the Modern Warfare game files recently, including voice lines. It looks like he will make his way into the Warzone world through Black Ops Cold War editions.

Additional content was also discovered for different editions of Black Ops Cold War. It mentions a ‘Season 1 Battle Pass Bundle’ and a ‘Land, Air, and Sea Pack.’

This could mean Treyarch is also taking the Battle Pass approach for Black Ops Cold War. It’s not clear what the Land, Air, and Sea Pack is at this time.

The official reveal of Black Ops Cold War is set for Wednesday, August 26. Stay tuned for the news as the reveal gets closer.