Remember Homefront: The Revolution? Yeah that's getting a Collector's Edition

Alongside a boxed copy of the game, the Goliath Edition includes:

A radio controlled scale replica ‘Goliath’ Drone, with working lights and six-wheel suspension. The Apex-manufactured Goliath is one of the most fearsome weapons in the KPA’s Counter-Insurgency arsenal
An exclusive Steel Book
A 32 page Art Book featuring Resistance-themed concept art and cutting edge Apex weapon and vehicle technology
The ‘Revolutionary Spirit’ pack (details below)
The Homefront: The Revolution Expansion Pass, entitling access to major single player expansions – further information to be revealed at a later date

All post release content for Homefront’s co-operative Resistance Mode including new Missions, challenges, features and additional items and equipment will be delivered FREE as part of Dambuster Studios’ commitment to supporting this mode for 12 months.

Pre-Order Homefront: The Revolution from any retailer to secure the REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT pack, which includes both the Red Skull motorbike skin and Golden pistol skin for use in the single-player campaign, and instant unlocks of the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope and Remote Explosives for your Resistance Mode character.

How was the beta anyway?

I don’t want to say it was shit because I really didn’t give It enough time.

I will say that my time with it was pretty shitty.


I wouldn’t say it was complete crap but the beta needed to be more polished imo. It was pretty rough. I thought the concept was cool and the maps where really large.

They needed a beta as polished as The Division was in order to get rid of the stigma of the first Homefront.

MP would have to get stellar ratings for me to even consider this title

The map and graphics were fine. The idea of Homefront has always been good. The execution is what sucks.

I thought the gun play was sloppy. I can’t think of a better description. The AI was a joke. It didn’t help that the beta was only 4 player Co-op and I was never able to find a way to join my friends. I was always stuck with randoms and no one was working together. It’s possible the competitive MP could be decent but it isn’t going to be a COD or BF killer by any means.

from what im reading, there is no competitive MP, just single player and co-op…

I could have sworn I read something about competitive but I could be mistaken. That would really kill the game IMO.

Yea you are correct…

Game is dead before it even comes out.

Notice that only 25 have people have signed that in 2 years. LOL.

yeah only MP is Resistance Mode. Which is CO-OP missions and stuff.