Report: Battlefield To Return To World War 2

Time is a flat circle. After Call of Duty found great financial success in returning to the second Great War, it looks like Battlefield might be following suit. GamesBeat is currently reporting that EA is planning on taking the series, which had its most recent entry set in World War 1, to World War 2. This will be the first time since 2009 that Battlefield has had a game take place during World War 2.

GamesBeat says that the sources that have supplied this information wish to remain anonymous. However, the publication’s track record on rumors is strong, and considering how much success EA and DICE had with Battlefield’s return to historical settings, it makes sense for the series to stay there for at least a bit longer. According to these sources, this new Battlefield is set release before the end of 2018.

GamesBeat also revealed a tidbit that will disappoint fans of Bad Company. Those same sources say that there is no Bad Company 3 currently in development right now, once again supporting what was said last year.


I wish BF would do a console version of 2142

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It was fun and different. Imagine what they could do now versus 12 years ago.

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I’m still hoping we see a new Bad Company someday.


They are going to have to do something new for me to jump on board. New game modes or something.

There was a free bf2142 revival after servers shut down. Not sure if its still running though

Hopefully they allow squads to stay on the same team. I hate breaking up 2 or more GRG squads. Especially since we can do some work.

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Plus, Lala hates it when he can’t get carried.

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Ouch, that hurts.

I just couldn’t stick with BF1 like 3 and 4. Maybe this 1 will be better.

Yes not sure Im thrilled about this. COD going to WWII success, I think really had more to do with a rebound from an completely awful game previously. Not sure it will play the same for Battlefield. Again doesn’t matter the theme to me, is more about the ability to play the game but seems lost on most devs these days.

Agree with Bad Company

Battlefield really lost me when we can’t keep 2 squads of GRG on the same damn team after a round. What’s the point of a team based game when you can’t communicate with 90% of your team? At least with 2 GRG squads we could party up and actually play as a team.

Other than that, I enjoyed BF1 even if they merged BF4 and CoD’s gameplay into one game.

That will be the selling point for me. I am not going to buy it until I have confirmation from you guys that is how it works. As much fun as it is to hunt other GRG members It’s was more fun being on their team. Keeping squads together is a must.

A BR mode would help sway me too. This is the one company that I wish would make one. Overall it has always been my favorite as far as gun play goes. They already have the player count. 64 would be plenty for BR. I really just want a realistic BR game that isn’t clunky on console, tbh.

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