Report: Netflix Predicts 4K-Capable Xbox One and PS4 Coming This Fall

IGN is reporting this story. 2 years seems short for a console redesign… and i dont think 4k is gonna be popular enough

Netflix predicts Microsoft and Sony will release 4K-friendly versions
of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall, according to a report from

Netflix CPO Neil Hunt said Sony “promised” a hardware revision for the
PS4 that will include 4K video capability. Full context from the Huffington Post story, quoted by Forbes, follows:
Aside from the lack of screens available to buy right
now, there is also a dearth of set-top boxes capable of showing 4K HDR.
Hunt said Sony had “promised” a hardware rev for the PS4 that will
include a 4K video capability and that they would "expect eventually"
for it to support HDR, as one example of where the industry will seek to
catch up. But in the meantime any HDR TV will probably have a Netflix
app built in, Hunt said, which solves the problem for now.
Forbes contributor John Archer asked Netflix for more information
about this “promise”, but a company spokesperson said Netflix isn’t in a
position to, as Forbes wrote, “speak definitively” on Sony’s plans.
However, Netflix did clarify that Hunt believes Sony and Microsoft
will do a two-year console refresh, during which parts will be added to
enable 4K video playback.

When asked about a 4K hardware revision for the Xbox One, Microsoft
told Forbes “We remain committed to bringing leading entertainment
features and services to the living room. Beyond that, we have nothing
to share at this time.” Sony gave Forbes a similar statement, saying
"Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie
content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share
at this time."
We reached out to Sony, Microsoft, and Netflix for clarification. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

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I haven’t really seen a huge buzz of “having” to have 4k equipment. Sounds really rushed to me.

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i think its the same as 1080. when 720 screens were still over $1000, people were saying they didnt wanna spend over $3K or whatever for 1080 and that there wasnt a way to watch it. introducing blu-ray and time. now a 1080 TV can be had for a few hundred and blu-rays for under a few bucks.

it’ll happen again. this year 4K tvs can be bought for under $1000, so now people are gonna start making content that can support it cuz the install base will grow. i would say that in 2 years. everything will be shifted. 1080 will be todays 720 and 4K will be today 1080.

4K will come around eventually and at that point (when we all can afford them) we will be glad that the consoles can do it.

You can bank we won’t see 4k games. Neither console has a 100% 1080p catalog and struggle to do some games that are well. 4k or 8k or whatever it happens to be will be a selling point for the next generation of consoles.

Yeah I agree it will come but not anytime soon.

while i do agree, weren’t sony and MS advertising 1080 games on last gen?

Games yes, but 1080p wasn’t a “selling point” back then for the console itself. “HD” was the selling point. Pretty much same situation we are now with 4K. I remember running my 360 in 720p for a lot of games because it looked better than being upscaled to 1080 by the 360.

dang. I’m just now really starting to enjoy 1080p.