Rise of Iron Loot Thread

Ay yo, RoI drops today, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve edged your reps, and saved engrams for launch.

Use this thread to let us know what drops you got!!

Nothing but green and blue drops so far, engrams I held on to don’t seem to go above 336. New blue drops go up to 340, and all vendors are selling purples at 350.

You are/were max 335 while decrypting these? I’m in the 310-315 range, I’d love blues to drop at that level

I started at about 310-315 on all 3 characters
Mostly had blue engrams saved with a small handful of purples

All blues decrypted up to around 325-330
Purples went to 330-335

So now I’m at about 320-330 on all 3 characters

Vendor packages are supposedly up to 385LL, presumably only going a little higher than your current LL.

One blue engram became an exotic - Starfire Protocol at 323LL.

This is exactly what I’m hoping for! You’ve given me hope!!!

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If you did the pre order be aware that you still need to get a year 3 gally in order to unlock your iron gally.

Just finished the story. It nets you a nice new sword.

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How long is the story?

3 cards.

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Not too bad. about 5 missions. for the main quest line. then there are some side missions i need to still do.

So I filled all of my Hunter’s inventories with blue engrams. Only one legendary out of all them, but I went from 313 to 330 before leaving the tower. Not too bad

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Was a little disappointed in the story length. Was hoping for more. Ah well.

I’ve jumped about 10 light levels just by playing the story and doing some bounty stuff. So I can’t complain too much. Not a fan of the new requirements for nightfalls though. Figured it was gonna change.

Haven’t really gotten any amazing loot yet. Just fodder for infusing into my old stuff to make it more shiny.

Same really. The exotic sword is best I’ve had so far, but that shouldn’t even count

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I’ve got the basic taken king loot only higher base light 330-335
1 exotic titan helmet helm of the saint-14 322 LL (got that out of a legendary)
The exotic sword
And I got the chest piece and the cowl from the vanguard.
Light went from 315-335 just doing the story quests.
I’ll have more time to dive into the strikes, and patrol stuff tomorrow.

My best take aways today


I got the Young Wolf sword and this sexy beast. All my blues were in the 339-341 range (I started at 333, played a couple hours to get to 338, and as soon as I buy a ghost it should hit 340.


Damn that thing looks sweet.

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Still working my way through early DLC that I bought to see if I want to proceed with the new DLC. We shall see. Had fun playing last night. My brother helped me blast through expansion I and II. Now I need to play through TTK.


Helm of St-14 is a nice exotic helm - one of my favourites, specifically for its effect.

You do look a little bit like a Roman centurion though.

Nice ! Got a nice auto rifle, really in need of a good sniper or scout rifle

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