Rocket League Patch v1.34 Announced

Psyonix have continuously updated Rocket League since its launch, and the latest patch brings even more items as well as a redesigned arena.

Neo Tokyo will be returning to all private and competitive playlists as a standard flat arena, as opposed to the one with raised sides that was previously available. For those who still wish to play its previous incarnation it will be available under the name Tokyo Underpass, although only in private and offline playlists for the time being. This will also replace the Underpass map which is being withdrawn from the rotation.

A new car will also be made available in the form of the Mantis. It is based off the Batmobile from the previous “Batman vs Superman” DLC, having the same hitbox and turning circle, but is also fully customisable. It will only be available as a drop from the new Nitro Crates, which also brings more wheels, decals and trails.

In addition, included in the update will be the framework for in game items based on the Zag Toys Mini Pull-Back Racers. This blind bag range is due to reach stores in June and will include both rare and very rare items complete with redeemable codes for further in game items.

The patch is scheduled to take effect for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam users at 15:00 PDT on the 10th May. A full list of patch notes are due to be released on Wednesday.

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