Rocket League Tournament

I will be more than happy to set it up with a little help from @Audible_Silence and @RTuTTle86.

If you would play let us know below.



Sounds Fun

Im down i just need more practice

Interested, although I’m going to get my ass handed to me.
As strange as expression as that is…

Definitely interested


Up to 3 Teams.

If @RTuTTle86 and one more person joins we could at least give it a go. If we enjoy it we could make our own season out of it. I would have to keep track manually but that is no big deal.

Not sure how we will do teams yet. Either draw from a hat or Audible and myself will make them.

I can’t count that makes 4 teams now.

@RTuTTle86 @Audible_Silence do you guys think anyone else will want to play or is this the core group?

Ok will wait and see if they respond.



If we would rather turn this into a League let me know.

I found a website that will keep up with everything and then I will input it into our Clan Wars plug in for the website.

I’m down, when?

I’m down for it also

Ok I think we are at 6 teams, now. I think we can go ahead and plan this out. Will keep you all updated.


i’m in, where do i sign up. i can be a back up if someone is too busy

Me Sam and dirty just had a 10-2 game last night, I think we’re ready!


Im down…as long as im not with @assassin_ginger…lol jk…

But seriously

i vote random teams. or seniority/date joined.