Where my okie boys at the rocklahoma lineup was released this morning and its a solid lineup! I plan on going.if anyone plans on going we should set up a meet, greet, and drink! Check it out at

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Looks really good

Ozzie is on that list. I would sign up but no cash,no sitters for the kiddos. Pryor would be a decent little trip though…

Its not too bad but you blink and you miss pryor lol

Maybe I should save up and go this year been wanting to past couple years and a good old grg meetup would be awesome. It’s only 6 hrs from me I believe

Its 8 hours from me. Pryor is like Slapout isn’t it? You blink and you miss it.
Lot of towns in Oklahoma that are like that…Fort Supply…Shattuck…Hooker…Turpin…Optima…the list goes on…

It be awesome if we could have one but 6 and 8 hour drive thats pretty damn far! I get tired of driving to work amd its barely 30 min away lol

Lol. Im used to doing 6 hour trips.

Booker turpin and Optima all within 20 mins of my job actually I work in guymon

Ya I drive 90 miles to work and back every day I got used to it

You sir. Must live close around me then. Guymon is my stomping grounds.

Rolla ks

Liberal here. Holy smokes i got family in Rolla!

Damn who woulda thought. I’d say I might know them but I doubt it I keep to myself lol

Clinesmiths,Hulls,Thralls…that whole clan.

I stand corrected I do know most of them, not well just acquainted mostly went to school with marshall though

Only ones i knew of is Cleo and Rusty. My great great grandmother was Opal Littell.

I know Rusty ya, used to rent a house from him a while back. Never expect to hear from someone close to this area feels to small usually

I’d go if I was not in NY. We do not have any good festivals near by. Every Spring and Summer I become incredibly jealous of Europe as they have awesome Metal festivals like Wacken.

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Small ass world we live in lol