Rockstar Games could be teasing something as two new images appear on its website

A couple of strange images have appeared over on the Rockstar Games website. The pictures have naturally sent the internet into full-on speculation mode with many believing a sequel to either Bully or Grand Theft Auto V is soon to be announced.

The first image shows a Rockstar logo accompanied by the text, “Killing Dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous and bullying the weak. Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?” These slogans have been used before by Rockstar and have previously been found on the Rockstar website. There are also several seemingly random numbers and letters scattered across the image.

Rockstar tease

Another image of a golden android caressing the Rockstar logo has also been discovered. The artwork doesn’t really fit with any of Rockstar’s current or past games, and it doesn’t feature any of the cryptic text like the previous picture. If you look at the fine print on the bottle of champagne, you can just make out “Rockstar Games” and “1998” the year in which the company was founded.

In the past, Rockstar has teased games like this before. With Red Dead Redemption 2, the developer tweeted out a weathered image of the Rockstar logo on a red background with absolutely no context.

It also says Fine Interact

“Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?”

and since 19 and then 48 Rockstar logos (maybe since 1948 for a L.A. Noire sequel?

and also a group of 5 logos dot, dot logo, dot, logo, logo space and 4 logos

I think it’s L.A. Noire

What if each nugget is suggestive of a previous title? “Bullying the weak” could be BULLY.

EDIT: They all seem to be suggesting BULLY to me.

Slightly below and to the left of “AC” are some numbers. I was able to read them on their website.
6 7 2 35 435 999 99 0 00 1 2

I know it’s not, but I really hope the robot pic is a sci-fi… maybe dare I say Star Wars (again I know it is not) game.
The robot Rockstar has reminds me of the original concept art for C3-PO
But I would really like a cool sci-fi/space game done like GTA.