Rocky 40th Anniversary

Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of Rocky.

Who was your favorite opponent of Rocky?

Apollo Creed

Clubber Lang

Ivan Drago

Tommy Gunn

Mason Dixon

While Rocky 1 is my favorite of the lot Clubber Lang is my favorite opponent.

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It’s Clubber Lang by far.

As a Philadelphian I am biased but I will give Stallone a lot of credit. He stuck to his guns with the first movie and took a huge risk. He realized the movies really started to suck and went to make it right in Rocky Balboa and then did a great job with Creed. It is also amazing how a fictional character can become such a part of a city as Rocky is to Philly. Hell even the sports teams tie themselves to Rocky and show this clip often (though it doesn’t help us win)

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Clubber Lang without a doubt was the greatest opponent. He was awesome.

Still love the Rocky theme music.

First off, who is this Tommy Gunn you speak of? I don’t recall this movie. Everyone knows the series went straight from Rocky IV to Rocky Balboa.

Second, All of the opponents were pretty awesome (still no clue who Tommy Gunn is…seriously), but Lang was the best one overall. That said, Drago was still the most satisfying one to watch Rocky pound the piss out of in the end.

I love all 5 of the Rocky movies, even though 3 and 4 went to a more action movie bent. They were all great. Love the music (especially the theme and the training montages), and the varying themes of each movie. As far as writing goes, though, you can’t beat Rocky 1 or Rocky Balboa. Creed was so well written also. I guess that means there are actually 6 movies if we’re counting Creed as well.

A couple more thoughts:

That scene that Jammer put up from Rocky II still gives me chills. LOVE that scene!
I still listen to the Rocky IV soundtrack today. Once of my favorites along with the soundtrack from Shocker.

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Tommy Morrison played Tommy Gun.

He was a pretty good heavyweight fighter and a contender back in the day.

Ended up having to retire because he contracted the HIV.

That Rocky movie wasn’t very good.

That was the gist behind my comment. The sarcasm didn’t translate well.

Yea everyone hates V.

Thunderlips is my favorite opponent.


Thunderlips all day.

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