Rory mcilroy tournament?

Interested in starting a golf tourney on the xbox .don’t know how we do those around here.

Ha The last tourney we had was fun but after a few rounds it was pretty much over. I think it was @Elgr8one who had run away with it with some crazy point total.

You’re probably best just picking a night and running with it. I wouldn’t shoot for anything longer than one night. I’m sure you’d get interest in it.

I’d be in for a night here and there. I agree with Lala - keep it self contained for a night, those work better. You can run multiple tourneys and maybe get some that can’t make a past tourney. Rory is a good game.

We attempted an 18 week long, weekly round thing. Its lots of fun, but I for one just wasn’t consistent for the entire time. 1 or 2 nights will works best. it is a fun game.

Let’s have a one night par 3 shootout

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All you fuckers just need to pick a night instead of blowing smoke up each other’s skirts.

I ran the last one. A few tips…

  1. Require players to play with at least 1 other person. You then have witnesses and no one can complain. Playing the game solo is different than playing with people.
  2. Force everyone to use the same control scheme and difficulty. Not Tour mode. No one here is good enough for that.
  3. Have it all on one night. When you spread it out people start quitting. For may reasons. Most being they aren’t playing well, next being time and lack of interest.
  4. Be prepared that 1/4 of the people that sign up will no show. It always happens. Just move on.
  5. Google Spreadsheet made it easy for me to create a scorecard to keep up with everything. Like this…
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Are you guys available next week or should it be farther ahead.