Satisfactory, or Managing Expectations: The Game


What better way is there of managing expectations for your game than to name it “acceptable but not outstanding”?

Satisfactory, if you are unaware, is an upcoming logistics game that has been described as 3d Factorio. It can be played singleplayer or small-scale PvE co-op.

Several of us PC gamers on Discord have received keys for this weekend’s alpha event. It sounds like a few of us will be playing so I thought now would be a good time for a thread. I’ll be sure to thoroughly document (or half-ass, as is usually the case) my experience.


Yeah, I got my key a couple hours ago. Will try to get on for a couple hours tonight.

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45 minutes in, I’ve now got access to one of the most important constructions in a game about factory building - the conveyor belt. I can’t connect them to the mining drills you have access to in the beginning so I’m still involved on both ends of the resource pipeline.

Upgrading your HUB (insert pithy backronym explanation here) is kind of neat, as each step in the upgrade drastically changes the look of it. Pictured below are views of upgrades 2 and 3, to give you an idea. All of the visual upgrades appear to be just that - visual. I can now reach the roof but there’s nothing to do up there. I have a toilet, fifty monitors, and a kitchenette in my room but none of them are functional.

That thing my dude’s holding? That’s your weapon. You taze the wildlife to death. It works decently well on the mean alien boar things but I haven’t worked up the courage to try it on whatever this is.

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I played 5+ hours this weekend. I purchased it yesterday. Even if I just play through all the tiers and never touch it again it’s worth the price. Beautiful, interesting, and fun.

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Everybody that I know that played it this weekend praised it.

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Found this on Reddit…

That is just for Iron.

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Holy shit that’s insane

Anyone steaming this game anytime? I’ve watched YouTube vids but I’d watch if anyone did

Free alpha is over. The game comes out in early access on the 19th.

O well damn ok