Saturday mowing....recalls No Man's Sky pilot back to earth!

So I am sitting here like alot of you and enjoying No Man’s Sky. Then wifey comes up and says "hey…you prob need to cut your hair…isn’t it getting longer then you like. "

Right on. Monday is work…hair cut done and back into regs. Then she is standing in front of my computer desk aka Gaming Central Command Center…

…and says “Hey Love…the grass is getting really long.” I replied with the softness of a caring husband “I know, but the rain still hasn’t let up.”

She takes a second and then replies “But the dogs will not go out into the yard to use the bathroom, I am having to chase them off the porch each time.”

Well I apologize and again the respond about how that sucks and i know its a pain, but it doesn’t change the fact its still raining.

She continues to look outside at the rain…then with a smirk says “Well when your hair is out of regs, do you tell your superiors at work, you couldn’t get it cut because it was raining…the yard is currently out of regs oh loving husband of mine.”

I just sat there in shock for a min…started laughing and said “Touche”…not really but it was funny enough that I got up and figured what the hell. The rain has been going for the last week and with the way it looks it will continue to be raining through this next week.

Now in florida…if you look at the chance for rain as most people do…0-30% usually means there is a good chance it may not rain, BUT in FLORIDA it just means how much of the day you can expect it to be raining. So yard is weed wacked, because the mower just wasnt going to cut it.


I’m hip to your game, mister

Lol. Yep done that. BTW, that rig is ridiculous

I’m happy I don’t live in FL anymore. F that shit.

lol that not my actual rig.

This is my current setup. Though I would love to have some multiple montiors attached to this in someway.

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