Saturday night Tater Raid...(xbox 9pm)


many of us a truly at a LL that can make a legit attempt at this…and if not we can get some mechanics down…and as a last resort get a free chest though wish gate…I know lots to do but i think destiny raiding has been the most fun in gaming I have ever had.

I know we had interest for more than one party last week but we were only able to get one full team of 6…please signup below…so we may plan accordingly and get 2 or 3 running

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I’m up for a go around. At the very least to attempt the 1st part.

If we get enough interest I can kick off a 2nd fireteam but I’d rather keep it all GRG so we can curb expectations.


agreed …no lfg…that will not be fun at this time…maybe later when some of us have a clue what we are doing

As of right now I am out for Saturday.

I’m in

I’m definitely down for this. Any night really.

I’m in… Melting point on simmer

I’ll be there with my hunter.

I’m down

How did the raid go?

Get any good loot?

We are still way under leveled. I think we have the mechanics down. You really need to be 550+, maybe 560 for some wiggle room.

We did hit the bonus board section and got two chests. I got the raid scout rifle and chest armor.

We gonna try again tonight? Jumped 18 LL to 570 for this

i posted you to the other thread…you are 1st alt or 1st on the second team atm