Saturday night titanfall fragfest.

Looking to team up and destroy some lobbies in titanfall 2. Anyone looking to have some laugh and drag some titans hit me up gamertag is quantumklitz87. Start around 9 p.m. @TitanfallPlayers



klitz…LMFAO!!! :joy:

Tonight? I was thinking of running that this weekend.

Haven’t played in a couple months and I know there’s been a couple updates with new maps and a new titan.

Title says Saturday.

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Well look at dumbass me. lol

Yes klutz. Hate this damn phone sometimes


Yep Xbox

I’m in, but I will be calling you klitz now and forever.


@brokain just don’t call me late for supper

Hell yeah I can play on Saturday !!!


Awesome I ain’t shot @HAWKLANDER in the back in awhile :joy:

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@AzraelDirge you going to join us for this? I know you play this.