Saturday night Zombies

I just picked up Infinite Warfare legacy edition for Xbox one. Was on sale for $49.99 new at GameStop so I figured wtf why not. @codplayers want to party up tonight and shoot some zombies in the suckhole? Looking to start up around 8pm EST…

Things have been pretty quiet around here… let’s go people.

I think my free trial is still downloading 3 days later.

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Dude I thought it was just me… that shit has been down wnloading for 3 days it seems. I bought the disc copy so I erased it hoping that will speed it up.

@Elgr8one @Sniper_T1 @VengefulJedi @beers_and_leafs you guys around later?

I was doing the free trial in zombies, but the trial is up after level 3 or half an hour.

:sleeping::zzz::sleeping::zzz::sleeping: No takers… lamesauce

Level 3

That’s dumb. I made to scene 3 solo in 5 minutes

Not scene 3, level 3.

Sorry man, had a Christmas party at a friends house last night. I should be able to get on tonight though.

I might take another run at it tonight. Or play the remastered multiplayer.